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27 August 2017


  • The notices for this week are printed on the back page of the bulletin. I draw your attention to the notices about the confirmation in October, about the open meeting with Hugh Ellis this Wednesday evening and about new contributors to the Parish Magazine. If you have a story to tell or a concern to share, please let Irene Hasan have your material today if you would like it to be included in the September issue. There are still some copies of the current edition available on the round tables at the back of the church, price fifty pence.
  • Also on the round tables is a petition, organised by Christian Aid, calling on high street banks to stop funding climate change with the investments and loans they make with our money. Please sign this if you share a concern about the future of our planet. If you want to know more about the campaign there is a briefing paper in the display stand on the table.
  • Draft proposals for kitchen and toilet facilities on this level of the church building are posted on the display boards at the back. If you have an instant reaction, please write it on a post-it note and stick it on the appropriate sketch-plan. If you want to think about the plans, please take away a printed form, write your comment on that and return it to the envelope on the table when next you are in church.
  • Finally: we are now preparing for this year’s Open Day, focusing on hidden treasures of our church, and particularly the art-work. If you are around on 30th September and able either to help set up the day before or to serve refreshments on the day, please talk to Tony Dickinson