Latest News

16 July 2017


  • Copies of the double issue of the Parish Magazine for July and August are now available. Please collect your copy today if you haven’t already from the round tables at the back of the church.
  • Also on the round tables are back numbers of “The Tablet” and the “Church Times”. These are available for you to take away, read and pass on to friends.
  • On the north side of the baptistery there is a book-case with the parish lending library. This contains a wide range of versions of the Bible and books about all aspects of the Christian life. It is there for you to use.
  • Opposite the book-case there is a rack which contains information about good causes and organisations with which this church is or has been connected. It is regularly kept up to date and is well worth checking from time to time.
  • Finally: Please remember in your prayers all those who are preparing for next week’s Lighthouse in High Wycombe and other places around South Bucks, and for the children who will be attending, that the sowing of the word of God’s kingdom may yield a rich harvest among them.