As Vicar of St Francis of Assisi, Terriers, I will be walking 350,000 steps - over 150 miles - to raise funds to transform my church buildings into an inclusive and accessible place, to benefit the whole community of Terriers and Totteridge, and the surrounding area of High Wycombe.

>Having recently been diagnosed with a condition that affects my mobility, walking the Pilgrims Way from Winchester to Canterbury will be a big step in faith that my legs will hold out. My brother is walking with me, so, if need be, he can piggyback me into Canterbury!

I have been moved by the diverse needs of the local community, which often remain hidden until they reach a crisis point. Following conversations with residents, community groups and parishioners, what they feel is most needed, is an accessible place where the community can gather to socialise, enjoy a variety of ways to improve their wellbeing, help the environment and share in the highs and lows of life; as well as access support when needed. St Francis church has begun an ambitious vision to provide a community garden, café and accessible church building, which will have a positive impact on the social, spiritual, mental, and environmental wellbeing of all in the local community. I am inviting you to help make this vision a reality by sponsoring me as I step out in faith, between October 25th and November 8th.

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